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 Creating Europe’s largest 
 Digital Hospital Sourcing Platform  Powered by AI

Our vision is to overcome this imbalance by forming an industry independent, digital group purchasing organisation - digital GPO 4.0

Implement a well-organised, pooled European-wide hospital demand side, equal to the existing well-structured and highly concentrated “Big Med tech” industry supply side

Bridge the gap between hospitals and medtech suppliers through a fully digital demand-driven knowledge platform. This approach initially aggregates large Med Device volumes at hospitals and then puts these never-before-seen volumes out to tender across Europe. And not through a supply-driven approach that laboriously acquires the demand, e.g. through a web shop.

Offer the first open and closed B2B marketplace, dedicated to supporting hospitals and other healthcare procurers


Improving procurement approaches to enable hospitals to lower costs while increasing quality

We are the solution
closing the gap through:

Benefits for European Hospital (demand side)

  • Become part of a European strategic buyers' Alliance
  • By using our European price database, you'll get access to best prices in the European market
  • Data insights & 1:1 comparisons of curated medical product databases, at your fingertips
  • Leverage joint cross-border procurement
  • For public hospitals: easy access to pan-European public tenders via our digital tendering platform and 100% compliance with EU tendering laws. The tender is addressed directly to the respective European headquarters of the medical industry and not to the respective national subsidiaries.
  • Full access to all vendors parameters/product criterias
  • Strengthens collaboration and broadens expertise for improved relations with stakeholders (e.g. physicians)
  • European full market / product transparency
  • European buying power against “BIG MedTech” industry → for public hospitals via our EU-tender law compliant digital procurement platform

    In accordance with the European Commission Joint Cross-Border Public Procurement Act (JCBPP Directive 2014/24/EU) read more
  • Efficiency enhancement by digitalization of the procurement value chain

Benefits for the International Medical Industry

  • Become part of a European strategic supplier Alliance (supply side)
  • Easy and cost-effective access to European hospitals for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), also from outside the EU.
  • Get in touch: according to your requirements, we will actively carry out an EU-wide tender for the products you need on our digital platform, within our hospital network. We currently have access to >5,000 hospitals through our ecosystem, representing a current procurement volume of >€25 billion. read more
  • For BIG MedTech: a reduction in one of the biggest cost factors - their sales organisation - which costs 2-3 times more than manufacturing and R&D read more “The Milkmen in a Megastore”
  • By being very late and only reactive, billion-dollar technology companies have been bred in as new competitors.
  • Especially for German GPOs: commercial German purchasing groups (GPOs) do not comply with current EU-procurement laws and are therefore acting illegally. We can help you return to legal, EU-law compliant procurement.

Our approach: The reverse auction principle

EU-wide sourcing based on ”reverse auction”
Goal: more projects, more volume, better prices over time – for all participants - also retroactive. Powered by technology.

  • Each project starts as country-specific
  • As a result, continuously declining prices at a low level can be achieved for all platform participants over time
  • Our goal is to reach the cheapest price levels in Europe
  • We achieve this “best European price” by gradually bundling the market power from the individual countries onto our platform
  • With the necessary buyer power against industry, prices are inherited not only by country but also by “best European price”

No. of Purchasing Projects / Hospital

4-step process:

How you can access our “best European prices” while increasing transparency & transforming your procurement processes into a connected & digitalized value supply chain



Run spend analysis & review performance management to identify realistic savings for your hospital, whilst tracking status quo & identifying potential savings:
  • Costs
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Processes & risk management

Platform strategy

Achieve optimal outcomes and gain insights by increasing efficiency through pan-European networking. Establish structured sourcing processes and performance management (e.g. demand management, vendor consolidation)


Process to integrate your hospital into our B2B European Procurement Trading Platform.
  • Implementation of analytics & digital procurement processes
  • Staff Training
  • Realization of your savings potential

Continuous evaluation

Monitoring on how to ensure
  • Cost optimization
  • Skills enhancement
  • Risk assessments

Our platform is powered by:

Big Data Analytics

AI & Machine Learning Data Processing

Ready for Block Chain-based Process Automation

EU GDPR standards by design

Our revolutionary business model is transforming the central European market for medical devices.

First of all: What we don´t do:

  • We do not receive any commission from the industry, as they are dependent on turnover.
  • Such a business model would lead to higher the price for hospitals, more sales for the industry, and higher commission charges for us.
  • This does not represent the interests of hospital purchasers, who want new distribution channels available at low cost. With commission-based business models, hospitals would again bear the risks and BIG MedTech would be able to continue making high profits.
  • Such business models lead to
    • a dependency on the one who pays: the medical industry. We strongly reject this!
    • commission paid by the industry is added to the price for the hospital beforehand. We strongly reject this !

What we do:

  • We buy the medical goods on our account and sell them on to our customers via our fully digitalized trading platform
  • For public hospitals: we carry out EU-compliant public tenders on behalf of our public hospital clients - fully digitalized via our digital tender platform. Settlement then takes place via the trading platform
  • We determine the resulting savings and receive an agreed percentage of savings from our customers
  • This means:
    • The greater the savings for our customers, the higher our commission
    • 100% equality of interest and 100% price transparency between our customers and ourselves
    • Because we don't receive any commissions from the industry, we can act completely independently – this is key to our activities and of utmost importance to us

We focus on hospitals because:

1. We have decades of exerience working in the European hospital purchasing since decades: this is our "home turf"

2. During the last two years, we have built the largest European hospital & healthcare purchasing ecosystem Ecosystem Partners

3. The industry is crying out for disruption. This means reorganizing the market, which has not changed for decades despite the "Internet Platform Economy"

The Medical Devices submarket is characterized by:

Asymmetric supply and demand sides, which leads to paradoxical cost/profit relations, at the expense of European hospitals and the taxpayers.

See Johnson & Johnson Q1/2021 financial results as an example:
  • 22,3 bn $ sales / 7,4 bn $ operating profit (33%)
  • Gross Profit 68%
  • 7 bn $ production costs (31%)
  • 5,4 bn $ selling, etc (24%)- almost as high as production costs. 3-5 fold more expensive than in other industries – almost twice as high as R&D spendings
  • 3,2 bn $ R&D (14%) – not quite half of selling costs
  • Effective Tax Rate: 16,5%
There are a lot of other markets with asymmetric supply and demand structures.

E.g. consumer electronics, sporting goods, food, toys: in these industries, a few BIG companies dominate the World / European markets.

The difference: to prevent these multinationals from dictating prices at will, there are usually Group Purchasing Organisations (GPO) read more or large retail chains that act as a corrective or regulator for the consumer.

This usually leads to fierce price competition in favour of the consumer and, as a result, to justifiable single-digit / low double-digit margins for the manufacturers.

This is not the case with medical devices and equipment. Commercial Medical GPO´s or Medical Internet Marketplaces read more get their money from the medical industry.

This leads to an absurd situation in which the higher the sales price for the industry, the higher the commission for the GPO, the Medical Market Place, and the higher the costs for the hospital.
Recurring, similar orders (80-90%) with high volumes are easy to process digitally, and hardly any products require explanation once they have been introduced
Due to extreme concentration on the supply side: similarity of products across all European countries
High gross profits (over 70-75%) mean relatively low manufacturing costs (under 25-30%).

The biggest fixed cost block is sales, which is 3-5 times higher than in other industries read more. Add to this R&D costs (40-45%).

To reduce this fixed cost block relatively, these costs have to be allocated to a single device. The percentage share then decreases with the number of units sold.

This is the reason why BIG MEDTECH is so extremely turnover-focused – or top-line oriented.

This is also the reason why distribution costs can be dramatically reduced, with Europe-wide bundling of demand.

If pure production costs were much higher, no significant price advantages could be achieved even with the Internet platform economy.
The med industry is dominated by non-EU companies. Apart from a few highly paid managers and sales people, it is not a significant EU employer. read more
However, savings would benefit millions of EU citizens, because chronically underfunded hospitals will regain more financial flexibility.
Hospitals are also the central healthcare facilities of any country. They enjoy political backing at both national and EU level, so any cost-saving initiative - while maintaining high quality - will receive considerable political support.

How to implement a fully digital procurement landscape in your hospital

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Easy & Fast Onboarding

Step 4

Sustainable Purchasing

Step 5


Hospital Level

Data Gathering & Analysis read more

Digital Sourcing Platform Level


Potential Identification & Analysis with recommendations

Hospital Level

Strategic approach & decision-making by the hospital: Yes or No.

If yes:
  1. Agreement on which products to start with.
  2. Start deep dive discussion with doctors / medical users read more
If No: The hospital does not incur any costs – Termination.

Digital Sourcing Platform Level

read more
  • Substitution database (> 10m ITEMS)
  • Collaborative assessment (digital negotiation)
  • Creating tender specifications for medical users


Realistic Savings forecast

Hospital Level

  • To quickly achieve savings with products that are already on the XMED iQ platform, onboarding is fast-tracked
  • Additional products are added one by one

Digital Sourcing Platform Level


Realize 'quick win' savings

Hospital Level

  • Fully digitalized procurement process read more

Digital Sourcing Platform Level


Guaranteed Supply – no hidden price increases

Hospital Level

  • Fully digitalized spend analytics - quarterly reports
  • Ongoing recommendations for savings opportunities
  • Monitoring of agreements with medical users

Digital Sourcing Platform Level

read more
  • Purchase controlling
  • Spend analytics
  • Contract management


Lasting savings: basis for ongoing cost reductions

Who we are

Having observed extreme disparities in the procurement of medical supplies between hospitals across Europe and beyond, we want to share our knowledge, tech and ecoystem with a wider community.

We have transformed our successful 15-year independent procurement consulting business - which only enabled us to support a selected number of hospitals - into a digital platform which is available to all. By making information more widely available, together we can reshape the financial “health status” of European hospitals.

  • More than 100 years of combined consulting experience
  • 200 successful procurement projects in the past 15 years
  • Permanent savings of 20-60% per year achieved for our clients
  • Experience of working in 15 European countries, in both the public & private sectors

C-Level Management & Team

Elisa Frenz

Chief Digital Officer

Christoph Hölzlwimmer

Chief Investment Officer

Dr. Markus Maucher

Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer

Dieter Zocholl

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Directors & Team

Mirjam Bauer

Director Public Relations D-A-CH

Andreas Bohl

Director Project Experience

Peter Bouvier

Director Public Relations International

Michaela Käppel

Project Assistance

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz

Supply Chain Management & Strategic Procurement

Jonathan Wedgbury

Group Chief Executive Officer


UK & Ireland

Jonathan Wedgbury

Chief Executive Officer

France & BeNeLux

Dr. Markus Maucher

Chief Executive Officer


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