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Product Safety

The most important currency in trade with medical goods is trust.
We will therefore adhere strictly to Medical Device Regulations (MDR) in relation to certain products, before they are legally required.
However, at the core of product security is the use of blockchain technology in medical internet marketplaces, with our partner Pharma Trace (more on Ecosystem Partner).
With this technology, it is possible to carry out the following checks in real time via the blockchain portal:

  • Zero error status in auditing and fully automated processes
  • 100% traceability & tracking from first deployment
  • Fully secure and unhackable ledger
  • Instant, time-stamped agreement
  • Full compliance through smart contracts (no deadlines are missed)

We will keep you informed about all developments relating to tests taking place in Q1/Q2 2022.

How Blockchain works

A blockchain is a cloud-based database shared by every participant in a given system.

Blockchain has long been used in pharmaceuticals to prevent counterfeiting.

We use blockchain, which is fully integrated into our transaction platform for ordering/trading medical devices.
This is currently the best available technology for preventing counterfeits.
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