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Strategic Alliance Partners

Health Proc Europe (HPE)

Founded in 2019, the largest European Health Procurement Ecosystem has been created in a short time.

Key Objectives

  1. Financial & quality transparency for med + non-med devices & equipment
  2. Accelerator to procurement innovation & knowledge transfer
  3. European community with procurers at the forefront
  4. Be the procurement industry's 'strong voice' against Med Tech Industry
  5. Establish a digital Procurement Competency Hub

KPI's, as at April 2021:

€ 25

BILLION annual purchasing volume


Hospital and Healthcare Facilities


Countries in Europe & China


Business Contacts

Digital Health Port

Starting point for innovative and digital healthcare solutions

The Digital Health PORT represents innovative and unique Digital Health Software Solutions in the German market. The PORT helps to introduce Digital Health Software Providers and solutions into the German market and the German-speaking DACH region. We don't just offer solutions: we are also an Implementation and Integration partner. We are your "Systemhaus für digitale Transformation im deutschen Gesundheitswesen"​.

With our “Digital Lab” we give your ideas as corporates (health insurance companies / MedTec companies) a perfect launch pad, with the necessary resources to test and scale digital solutions on the market in the shortest possible timeframe and without internal constraints or silo barriers.

With our “Growth Hacking Dock”, we support founders and start-ups as partners, helping you to scale your digital solution into a success story. We are agile, performance-based and scalable, without fixed and start-up costs.

With our “Scaling Yard”, we can help investors to identify, qualify and develop interesting start-ups. We also provide operational proximity, support and guidance in stormy times.

Technology Partners


COMED is a leading provider in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art ERP, supply chain management and e-commerce solutions in healthcare . 400+ successfully completed projects for healthcare providers around the world, today more than 22,000 users work daily in 18 countries with COMED solutions. With the material management solution, a purchasing volume of more than € 2 billion per annum is realized.

Comed delivers a broad range of digital supply chain management Solutions:

  • Requirement
  • QM and accreditation
  • COMED App, SHS Mobile
  • Ordering
  • Inventory management
  • Ordering
  • Central warehouse management
  • Goods Receipt
  • Contract management
  • Master data management
  • Webshop for submitter
  • B2B e-commerce
  • Invoice / dunning
  • ERP connectors
  • Document management
  • COMED App,SHS Mobile
  • Reporting
  • Punch-out OC
  • Controlling
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Lot management
  • Stocktaking


19 Countries

2 bn € purchasing volume p.a.

400 Realised Projects

1800 International Installations

22000 Daily Users

160 Different Host Interfaces

1300 Daily Webshop Users

Mercell Netherlands

Mercell Netherlands (former Negometrix) is a thought leader and a driving force towards making procurement and contract management 100% digital. Mercell Netherlands believe that when everyone is working within a transparent, digital solution, there are dramatic improvements in internal and supplier participation.

Mercell Netherlands' mission is the complete digitization of procurement around the globe. To facilitate that transformation, we conceive, design, develop, release, market, implement, service, and maintain software as a service transforming tenders and contracts in intuitive and efficient workflows.

They use their knowledge, expertise, and innovative power both strategically and operationally, in order to support buyers in the development of their value chains, in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and continuity.


  • 80 employees in 3 countries
  • 6 strategic procurement modules
  • Over 250,000 users
  • Negotiated annual volume approx 50 Billion €
  • A strong foothold in the Healthcare sector


PharmaTrace is a blockchain-based ecosystem where the pharmaceutical industry works together and does better business based on a common distributed ledger. It is secure, fast, efficient, trustworthy, agile, cross-interactive, cost-saving and easy to install.

Our ecosystem is built on a de-centralized network, utilizing the latest blockchain technology, thus providing high-level data security, complete traceability and simplified process pathways at both local and global levels.

Our bleeding edge platform leverages the blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect supply chains, data exchange and integrity in transaction channels, while providing cost saving models and business operation upscale.

Our goal is to build the healthcare ecosystem on the blockchain for all of us, to provide crucial knowledge where it is needed.


  • Elected top 3 innovative Blockchain and AI startups in Dubai AIBC conference May 2021
  • Government finance award in Malta 2021 in collaboration with Malta Startup finance group
  • Top 10 most innovative tech startups in Germany
  • The first startup deploying a Blockchain as a Service BaaS model in healthcare sector


Innoloft creates the world’s B2B Tech Ecosystem, enabled by interconnected business networks & marketplaces. We developed a digital platform technology to disrupt how business contacts are initiated between economic and innovation stakeholders.
Our unique Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, LoftOS, digitizes services of governments and public economic development organisations, private clusters and hubs as well as event organizers and trade fairs. Not only can our LoftOS customers execute their digitalization strategy within months – every platform can also be linked through our system and its data standard. Through this interconnection, Innoloft and its partners create the largest B2B Tech Ecosystem worldwide.
Corporates, startups, research institutes and other economic players use the ecosystem for lead generation, innovation scouting, procurement or partner acquisition.


  • 14.000+ Members
  • 1.500+ Public Requests
  • 3.400+ Offers
  • 40+ Networks
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